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Blog Title: What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric heaters?

Main Que: What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric heaters?

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  • Query By: JESSICA G (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Date: 10/28/2016

Answer: Electric heaters are considered one of the most effective means of heating a home when the mercury outside dips. In fact, heating homes with the help of electric heaters is considered quite popular among homeowners because of the many advantages associated with it. Some of the prominent advantages associated with an electric heater are cost effectiveness, easy installation and higher levels of efficiency.As far as the installation of electric heaters is concerned, it is true that electric heaters should be installed by professionals but more or less the installation of such heaters is quite easy and can be completed without much hassle.When compared to natural gas and oil heaters, it has been seen that electric heaters are less expensive. The reason is they require cheap equipment and the installation cost is also not as high.Nevertheless, the most important advantage of electric heaters is that they are hundred percent efficient. This means the entire amount of power that is used in an electric heater is converted to heat. This is not so in other forms of combustion systems.Besides these electric heaters are clean combustion systems as no ash or soot is produced. They take up lesser space and last but not the least, electric heaters are safe to use as there is no combustion process involved.

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  • Replied Date: 10/31/2016